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Would You Go to a Wedding Where the Bride Has COVID? A bride in the U.K. reportedly presented her guests with a chaotic choice.
Anya Taylor-Joy Reportedly Had a Secret Wedding “Page Six” reports that the actress is now married to musician Malcolm McRae.
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Even J.Lo and Ben Affleck Wanted a Casual Wedding Hollywood’s most extra couple had a surprisingly low-key ceremony.
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The Anti-Wedding Wedding Planner Everything it takes to throw a “love party.”
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Expensive Elopements Are the New Dream Wedding The more elaborate — and exclusive — the better.
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Winning the Wedding-Season Marathon How guests with fully booked weekends are getting through it all. (Excel, mostly.)
The Bride Who Didn’t Care Meet the too-cool-for-tradition aesthetic.
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The Bride and Groom Formally Request That You Dress Up The tyranny of wedding dress codes.
Tripping Down the Aisle Mushroom microdoses are the new signature cocktails.
This Wedding Season Is Going to Cost You Budgeting for someone else’s big day.
Britney Spears Celebrated Her Wedding in a Diamond Thong It made an appearance next to Madonna on the dance floor.
I Tried to Find a Size 20 Wedding Dress. Why Is It So Hard? A bride investigates.
How Many Weddings Is Too Many? Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are reportedly getting married again in Italy this weekend.
I’m Devastated I Wasn’t Invited to Chloë Sevigny’s Wedding Swan-shaped ice sculptures, mint-julep cups full of cigarettes, and Natasha Lyonne.
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Getting Married in This Economy? Here’s where to find affordable wedding dresses.
Did A$AP Rocky’s Grills Just Propose to Rihanna? His new music video features Rihanna, vows, a veil, and flowers.
This Is What Your Wedding Gift Says About You Gifts for the plus-one and the third wheel.
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The Art of Wedding Gift Giving, Decoded Everything the newlywed couple might not ask for but definitely needs.
Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead Got Married The two reportedly tied the knot over the weekend.
Maybe Don’t Sneak Weed Into Your Wedding Food A Florida bride is facing charges for serving unsuspecting wedding guests weed-infused olive oil.
Who Didn’t the Peltz Beckhams Invite to Their Wedding? Their guest list included Serena and Venus Williams, Snoop Dogg, and multiple Spice Girls.
‘Let’s Pick a Date We’ll Remember’: The Couples Who Got Married on 2/22/22 They’ll never forget their anniversary.
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Marry Me (at the Club) Dateless at a possibly legal Valentine’s Day wedding with Frankie Jonas and Ivy Getty.
Quiz: Is This Okay to Do at a Wedding? A brief guide to wedding-guest etiquette for any and all celebrities who might need it.